Javon Rustin is a software developer by trade and writer by heart. He has been active on the Dallas slam poetry scene for six years after moving from North Carolina where graduated from North Carolina A&T. He made the Dallas Poetry Slam team in 2013 and has since been both a regional slam champ and national semi-finalist multiple times. Javon was ranked 17th in the 2016 Individual World Poetry Slam. His work has been seen on Button Poetry, Write About Now, All Def Poetry, and Poetry Slam Inc. Javon has also performed for organizations such as Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Oliver Wyman, Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub, Dallas Public School District, and DFW Airport.

Javon worked as a mentor for schools and organizations all throughout high school and college and became a Teaching Artist for Dallas Poetry Slam in 2017, using poetry to teach social and emotional learning. Javon continues to work as a teaching artist today while also speaking on mental health, professional development, and diversity. As a self-described “goof-ball”, Javon is sure to deliver these topics in unorthodox ways, making every show a new experience full of stories, (cheap) jokes, and (of course) poems.

When he’s not performing or writing, Javon is programming or reading or finding new adventures or traveling or making up better ways to make people smile or solving some puzzle that only exist inside his own head or looking to do cool things that will make his bio sound awesome(r?).


spoken word artist

motivational speaker

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